Rongie Macaya



Age: 26

Birthday: February 3, 1993

Birthplace: Pototan, Iloilo

Rongie describes herself as cute, friendly and nice. She is a native Ilonggo who started working in Hongkong way back August 2016. On what cause? She wanted to help her family and dreamt of becoming successful one day.

The only motivation that keeps pushing her through her limits is the belief that success may embrace fate and indemnifies that nothing beats the distance between her raddled work and a dream to provide for the family.

She likes to share her talent. This is one of the reasons why she joined Miss Bakadahan. And with her positive outlook, good vibes and full support from her family and friends, definitely, she can get an Ace!

Her motto: “Life is short, always choose happiness.”   Know more...