Mariafe Butal



Age: 33

Birthday : October 28, 1985

Birthplace: Mactan, Cebu

Mariafe decided to work and live in Hong Kong since 2014. With the goal of supporting the future of her 3 kids, she is also rooted on extending her arms for the family’s comfort. She is helping her niece finish college.

For her, joining Miss Barkadahan means she can have what it takes to be a beauty queen and she can do it again. She once joined in a pageant 2-years ago and right now, she is more focused on building her dancing skills.

She describes herself as tenacious, kind and strong. She believes that every day is a miracle and sees the life of her kids as the most precious gifts by which God has brought to her.

Her motto: “No matter what the situation is, don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence.”   Know more...